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If you have complained to us and you’re not satisfied with our decision on  your complaint is open to you to contact the Office of the Ombudsman. The ombudsman provides an impartial independent and free service.

By law the ombudsman can examine complaints about any of our administrative actions por procedures as well as delays or inaction in our dealings with you. The Ombudsman’s remit relates to the complaints about actions which occur on or after 24th August 2015.

The Ombudsman cannot examine complaints about actions which occurred before that date with the exception of complaints from residents eligible to complain under “Your Service Say” (Residence whose place is provided under a contract with the HSE)

Contact details are as follows

The Office of the Ombudsman

18 Leeson street ,Dublin 2

Aclare house nursing home has written operational procedures and policies relating to the making, handling, and investigation of complaints from any person about any aspect of service, care, and treatment provided in, or on behalf of Aclare Nursing Home. Residents are encouraged to make comments about our service and have no reason to feel that they will adversely affected by reason of the comment having been made. All complaints are  investigated promptly. Should a resident or family member have a complaint the following  procedure should be carried out. The complaint can be made verbally to the nursing staff member on duty who will aim to deal with the complaint immediately if possible, if they are  unable to deal with the complaint it will be referred to the:
Assistant Director of Nursing
Jeffy Mathew.
Aclare house nursing home
4/5 Tivoli terrace south
086 8524320
If you are not satisfied you can appeal to our Person In Charge. Complaints can be made  verbally or in writing to:
Tendai Marima
Aclare House Nursing Home
4/5 Tivoli Terrace South
Co Dublin
086 8193117
Our independent person for complaints is our Provider
Breege Muldowney 0868396687
Complaints can also be raised at our residents meetings. All complaints are recorded in a complaints file. If at this stage of the complaint process, the resident is not happy with the manner which the matter has been handled, at their request, the details of the issue will be forwarded to the complaints panel of the health service executive (HSE) under the its own  procedures, the HSE will independently review the case and forward its recommendations to the resident and Aclare Nursing Home within five to six weeks.
The HSE can be contacted at
We appreciate all your comments and are always willing to listen as this will ensure that we improve and maintain the highest standard of care possible to all our residents.
Local health service executive contacts
Your local HSE office may be able to guide you on options for financing your care. You can contact them at:
HSE office
Tivoli Road
Co Dublin
01 2843579

Nursing homes are registered with the Health Information and Quality Authority and are  inspected regularly to ensure that standards of care are being maintained. Inspections may be announced or unannounced and may occur during the day, in the evening or atnight or  weekends. Registration will be renewed every three years. A copy of Aclare House Nursing  Home report is available in the office at Aclare House Nursing Home the registration and  inspection reports are published after each inspection. A copy of each report can be obtained  online [email protected]/functions SSI inspect rep.asp
Further information can be obtained by

  •  Calling the advice line 021 240 9300
  •  Emailing [email protected]
  •  Writing to the office of the
    Chief inspector,
    Health Information and Quality Authority,
    Social Services Inspectorate,
    1301 City Gate,