Aclare House Nursing Home, 4/5 Tivoli Terrace South, Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin +353 12801345

Visiting Times

In Aclare House Nursing Home residents can have visitors at any time. We ask all visitors to sign in and out of the nursing home. The signing book is in the hall way inside the front door. We ask visitors to wait in the reception area until staff inform the resident of their visitors, we request visitors to partake in precautionary infection control measures. Aclare House Nursing Home reserves the right to impose restrictions on visiting arrangements where the visit or time of visit is deemed to pose a risk or where the resident requests restrictions.

Safe keeping

We have a safe in our nursing office for small amounts of money. Aclare House Nursing Home will not be responsible for money or valuables kept in resident’s rooms. We provide a locked press for personal items in resident’s rooms.

Medical services

Residents of Aclare House Nursing Home are entitled to retain the services of their own
G.P, however if this does not suit, there is a list if medical practioners that you can
choose from.

Meals and meal times.

Meals times are a social occasion in Aclare House Nursing Home. We provide nutritious and balanced meals for all our residents. We have two qualified chefs who provide varied and delicious meals and cater for all special dietary requirements. There is a four week rotation of menus within the nursing home. Meals are served at the following times however these times can vary depending on resident’s needs.

  • Breakfast – commences at 08.15
  • Lunch – commences at 12.30 pm
  • Evening meal – commences at 16.30

A choice is always available at mealtimes. Between breakfast and lunch soup of the day and or refreshments are served. Between lunch and evening meal tea and light refreshments are served. After evening meal supper is served .You can avail of your meals in our dining room or conservatory but if you wish to avail of your meals in your room, this can be arranged. Tea, coffee, and other beverages are available throughout the day. A wide variety of snacks are also readily available.

Fire safety

We adhere to all fire safety regulations and carry out regular fire alarm tests.

Other emergencies

If you discover any other scenarios/circumstances, which pose a risk to residents/staff, please inform your nearest staff member immediately.


We provide a postal service for all residents who need to send and receive mail.


Your safety is of paramount importance to us. If you need assistance please ask a member of staff or alternatively use your call bell to seek assistance.

Residents attending outpatient appointments/sudden illness or injury

If a resident has to attend an appointment, the family of the resident will bring the resident, we can arrange an ambulance service or taxi service for this, however for ambulance service we cannot determine the time that the ambulance will arrive so the family member needs to be at the nursing home at least two hours before appointment time. If a family member is not available we can arrange an escort. The resident will be billed for this. In an emergency if a resident needs to attend hospital, and an escort is required this will be billed to the  resident. If a resident requires a taxi service for an appointment the taxi will also be billed to the resident.