Aclare House Nursing Home, 4/5 Tivoli Terrace South, Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin +353 12801345

Each of our bedrooms in Aclare House Nursing Home is equipped with the following

  •  Nurse call system in the event that a resident is in need of assistance.
  •  Central dimmer lights.
  •  Vanity wash hand basins
  •  Television points
  •  Overhead lights for each bed
  •  All of same are demonstrated for each resident on admission or whenever required.
  •  All corridors, WC, bathrooms are equipped with nurse call facilities and hand rails.
  •  We have a robust fire safety policy and all exits and fire extinguishers are shown to residents on admission or shortly after and residents are included in the monthly fire drills.
  •  We have a NO SMOKING POLICY in the nursing home, however a designated smoking area is provided.
  •  On each resident room are signs with the number of their room and in accordance with our privacy and dignity policy all rooms have “do not disturb” or “please knock before entering”.
  •  All residents have access to our nursing home phone if required, however, priority is given for nursing home business, and residents are charged accordingly. We have a public phone available for residents use at all times. If any resident requires a phone in their room this can be arranged.
Nursin Home Facilities

Nursing Home Services and Facilities

Massage Therapy
Mobile Library
Pet Therapy
Moto Med Excercise bike
Daily News Paper
Speech and Language Therapy

Reality Orientation Therapy
Relaxation Therapy
Walking Group
Extend Excercise Group
Dentist As required
Art Therapy